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Brio Custom in Hiring! 

Team Brio is a special mix of creatives who know how to get shniz done. We strive to do the right thing for our clients and for the planet. 

We work hard but also have a ton of fun. 

We travel, we ideate, we muckle down, we take Christmas off. 

 See if you've got what we're looking for below! 

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A team player with an eye for detail. 

We're looking for someone who can pick out an error in a sales order, or tell when a line is less than straight.  They'll also know when they can lend a hand and step in for the team. 


Happy to help the humans.

Can you greet the day and our customers with a 'Hell yeah!" ?

We need a badass communicator with a great personality who can share our promo joy with the world! 


Addicted to leveling up.

Brio is constantly growing and getting better. We're looking for someone who has a growth mindset, looks for opportunities to learn, is proactive, and will help Brio evolve into the future. 

Job Title: Customer Relations and Marketing Manager!


You'll be the face of the office from 8-4 pm, answering calls and emails, as well as managing client projects, creating marketing materials and campaigns, and getting hands-on with the entire team to make magic for our clients.  We like to have fun at work but also work hard, so someone who likes to stay busy and is always looking for ways to make things better, faster, stronger, cooler.  We also have busy seasons where some weekends and nights are necessary.  You get it back in our slow seasons, notably, we take the entire week between Christmas and New Year off.


Be the upbeat and friendly first face of Brio Custom through walk-ins, emails, and phone calls. Create direct-to-customer marketing mailings and Brio's marketing catalogs and special projects. Taking and processing orders and putting client's projects into production. General merry-making and bon-vi-vanting skills a bonus.



Being a people person who is willing to learn with a proactive and positive attitude is a must! ( we are busy bees at Brio!) The ability to wear many hats throughout the year to help with our Swag Seasons ( ie. you will pack candy at Halloween, and stuff boxes at Christmas 😜) Comfortability with computers, and software: Google Suite, Canva, Quickbooks, Adobe Suite. Being a cultural connoisseur is also a plus. We like to keep our finger on the pulse of promotional products!

Why Brio? 

We offer cost sharing for health insurance, competitive pay and PTO hours, sick end-of-year bonuses, as well as matching contributions for retirement.  Swag Samples out the wazoo as well as a discount for personal apparel and free branded apparel.  We’re pretty awesome to work for, if we do say so ourselves.

Get in touch at or call the shop at 207-596-6989! 

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