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New Vendor Alert! Minus 33 - Merino Wool Apparel

Maine is a snowy state. As I write this, my yard looks like Narnia, and my son had a 2-hour

delay from the overnight dumping of the white stuff. This is all to say, that we know and respect the need for warm clothes. So it is with great excitement that I say that we can now offer Minus 33 apparel for your clients, staff, and campers!

Minus 33 is a New Hampshire clothing company that specializes in fine merino wool socks, hats and accessories, and apparel. Their name was front of mind this past fall when,in typical Maine fashion, there was quite a stir caused by Maine Public Radio giving away a pair of their socks as a pledge gift. A few weeks later a ski mountain client was in search of merino wool in particular, and again I found myself on their website. The universe was trying to tell me something.

I decided to call them and see if we could partner with them and was thrilled to find them excited about the opportunity to bring their gear to our Brio Buddies like you!

Our favorite items so far is the Expedition Vest and the Midweight Longsleeve Button Up

as well as their midweight Everyday Knit Cuff Beanie. We especially love the red and cream snowflake design. And of course, the sock that started it all.

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