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Fast Company’s "Cheap Conference Swag" Article Struck a Nerve but Missed Its Mark

A recent article in Fast Company took a shot at the promo industry, fearing a return to terrible, garbage swag that gets immediately thrown away. Brio Custom has always been against that kind of cheap tchotchke, and we pride ourselves on promoting items that are environmentally friendly, and using suppliers that engage in sustainable manufacturing practices whenever we can. Heck, we'll outright refuse a job if it's something we think will just end up in a landfill. Brio Custom never wants to be in the business of making garbage.

Here's the thing: the majority of the promo industry feels the same way! In a wonderfully cogent and eloquent open letter to Fast Company, Bobby Lehew and the folks at commonsku outline all of the ways the promo industry is evolving. It's especially nice for us at Brio Custom, because that's been our approach to promo from the beginning.

It's a long read, but check out commonsku's open letter here.

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