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Work at a summer camp? Brio has something for you!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Brio Custom loves camps. We love them so much, we'll drive hours to your camp to say hi. We follow y'all on social media. Some of us send our kids to your camps. We go to camp trade shows just so we can give you chocolate bars and tell you jokes. We're this close to getting "I Heart Camps" tattoos.

So, to celebrate the upcoming 2023 season, Brio has a special giveaway that's exclusive to the dedicated and hard working folks in the camp industry.

You have your choice of not one, but two limited edition hats from Spacecraft Collective. Spacecraft is an ultra hip retail brand that's popular on the slopes with skiers and snowboarders. I don't do the whole "going down a snowy hill real fast on sticks" thing, but you can be darn sure I'll be rocking a Spacecraft hat during après-ski.

If headwear isn't your thing, we also have some excellent pieces of drinkware from H2Go. You can choose a classic, insulated camper mug, or one of the classiest water bottles I've ever seen.

Did I mention we'll put your logo on it? Because we will! This isn't a generic piece of swag my friend, this is a custom gift from Brio to you. We'll apply a leatherette patch or laser etch your camp logo on whichever piece you select.

How do you take advantage of this most excellent giveaway? Just head to our special Camp Redemption Store, select your gift, and tell us which camp you're from. Brio will make your gift to order and ship it out to you when it's ready!

Please enjoy your gift, and we hope to see you at the MSC and ACA camp conferences in 2023!

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